About the SPIR

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Pediatric Interventional Radiology Symposium:  Toronto

Image guided therapy:  The Hospital for Sick Children

Society for Pediatric Interventional Radiology Scientific session

10/17-19, 2014 (Fri-Sun)


Venous thrombosis symposium to follow (Sun/Mon, 19-20)

Our mission

To support and advance the specialty of Pediatric Interventional Radiology (PIR) for the purpose of improving patient care.

Our goals

  • Patient Care — To promote excellence in clinical care of children through the practice of PIR.
  • Education and Training — To sustain the development and growth of PIR through a focus on education and training.
  • Research — To advance the future development of PIR through research, critical practice evaluation and innovation.
  • Communication and Collaboration — To provide a forum and infrastructure for networking, communication and collaboration and to support current and future pediatric interventionalists within a multidisciplinary environment.
  • Public Relations and Advocacy — To foster recognition of PIR within the medical and hospital communities, radiological societies and in the general public.